American Red Cross disaster relief fund-raising

Pasadena, where journalists reported

January 16, 2010 12:00 AM

红十字会发起捐助海地灾区活动,左起:国会众议员谢安达、圣盖博红十字分会华裔理事杨华沙、红十字会发言人Mary Schander,以及红十字会通讯和市场专员Monica Diaz。 记者何方∕摄影

The Red Cross disaster activities initiated by donor assistance to Haiti, from left to right: Congressman Adam Schiff, San Gabriel Red Cross chapters Board director Lisa Yang Warsaw, Red Cross spokeswoman Mary Schander, as well as the Red Cross communications and marketing specialist Monica Diaz. Where reporters / photographers


To the earthquake victims in Haiti to lend a helping hand, American Red Cross and Channel Nine on the 15th Rose Bowl in Pasadena, held fund-raising activities, many people made a special trip to come to the donor, the Federal House of Representatives Xie cheer up the market.

─ San Gabriel Pomona Valley Chapter Red Cross volunteers are also Board director Lisa Yang Warsaw. She said that the activities began less than an hour, many people drive to the Rose Bowl donate, let her feel warm and generous people.

Red Cross contacts and marketing department, Monica Diaz said he can not contribute to the scene of the people, through the SMS 90999, and enter Haiti, through the mobile phone companies will automatically ten-dollar donations, donor funds will be displayed on the cell phone bill, which University of Southern California branch of the Red Cross for the first time to raise relief money for charity by SMS.

People can also access contributions can also be / familylinks looking for relatives and friends in Haiti news; can also be by phone 1-800-redcross donations.

Mary Schander a spokesman for the Los Angeles branch of the Red Cross, said Channel Nine on the 14th take the initiative and their ties and pledged to launch relief activities. There are volunteers in a short time to respond. Relief activities will be through a branch of the Red Cross in Haiti carried out.

Contributions to Pasadena residents Wayin Lampkin said that he operated a small business, although there is no relatives and friends in Haiti, but on television to see the serious impact caused by the earthquake, hoping to do for the victims.

Monica Diaz said, the largest Haitian immigrant communities in New York and Northern California, Southern California, and no large-scale Haitian immigrant communities, mainly through the Red Cross for relief efforts.